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Keith Dougall

Keith Dougall 

Keith Dougall - Glass

My work with glass has always sought to bring a spiritual dimension to light, at first through an attraction to water in which I saw the glass as a wonderfully slow moving kind of water that allowed me to capture a moment or a gesture that might convey something transcendent.

I also loved the possibility of using glass to create emotive symbols of pure or mixed colour.

As time has moved on I have discovered that both process and community are also important to me, and I have begun to discover why much of my work creates repetitive elements such as canes, threads, seeds or bricks and brings them together to create something greater than the sum of their parts.

My real passion is to create art for actual spaces and communities – in other words commissioned works that allow me to know and work with the audience to a greater extent than in a gallery setting and craft some apt kind of gift that might inspire the better part of them to become more alive. 

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