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Joel McKerrow


Joel McKerrow - Performance Poet

I am addicted to words, especially words with rhythm. I love the way they can take what has always been in front of our eyes and reframe it in a way that feels as though we have never experienced that thing before. I love the art of story-telling for it does the same thing. It takes what has been our story and reframes it, gives it new definition. New understanding. 

I have been using words and story-telling in a poetic and performative way as my vocation for the last four years. In this time I have got to tour Australia and throughout the world and talk to so many whose stories mirror my own. What a delightful thing, to find that our stories always interlink with others. I have written two books and recorded two spoken word albums the latest of which is a compilation of my pilgrim travels throughout 2012-13 all over the world.

For many years I have been working with young people as a youth worker, youth minister, community arts worker and educator. It has been my utter delight over the last few years to bring my creative, poetic expression into this work and provide space for young people to share those very important stories. I have also done a bunch of study looking at exactly this intersection of identity and the formation of young people.


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