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Christie Lange


Christie Lange - Painter and Collage Artist

I am a maker. I’ve been making things since I was a girl. I need to make beautiful things. Cards, invitations, sculptures, fabric soft toys, printmaking, paintings and collage paintings.

My paper fetish began some years ago, fuelled by paper shops in Melbourne, the silky smooth and velvety textures drawing my fingers to delight and dance on the surface of each page. Colour, pattern, texture and tone all excite my eye and help me to tell stories in my art. Each accent adding layers to the metaphors and concepts I contemplate and explore visually as I create collage paintings.

I create out of the wealth of my life experience. I believe that art is a language that can connect us to the deeper parts of ourselves, both as viewer and creator. I love exploring the inner terrain of ‘us’. The way we experience an event, how we feel, how we deal with adversity, find meaning, purpose and hope, so that we may live life to the full.

My hope is that my art making may help connect people more with themselves, others and the world.

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