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Jill Patrick Solo Exhibition - pictures drawn from my mind


Tasmanian art lovers enjoyed a warm night of conversation and inspiration at the official opening of Cygnet artist Jill Patrick’s solo exhibition “pictures drawn from my mind”. The exhibition is showing in The Poatina Tree art gallery until 29th May.

The artworks had just come from being displayed at the Long Gallery in Salamanca Arts Centre alongside Clare De Mayo, Bob Brown, Stephen Carter and Bruce Wall.

Jill Patrick has enjoyed creating pencil works for about 3 years, beginning out of necessity as a way to keep her artmaking portable. She starts with a shape, pattern, object, creature, word, sound or feeling and tries to make whatever has captured her attention into an interesting composition.

One of the artworks in the exhibition was started in Poatina during Jill’s time here as an Artist in Residence last year. The rest have been completed since, showing how prolific she has been recently.

Having been a painter previously, Jill shared at the opening that she had taken a nine year break from making her own art while she was working as a high school art and design teacher.

Then about three years ago she moved to Tasmania and focussed once again on her own work, and has since come to love expressing her creative passion in her pencil works.

Jill will speak in more detail about her creative process and passions at an Artist Talk on 15th May in The Poatina Tree art gallery at 3pm. The adjacent Tiers Tea Lounge have created a unique tasty treat inspired by Jill’s artwork which will be available before and after her talk.

Photos: Steve Cooper

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