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Alex Johnston Solo Exhibition - Changing Faces


Poatina artist Alexander Johnston explored the lifespan of a fictitious woman “Ava” from baby to 90 years old in his recent solo exhibition “Changing Faces”.

Ten gouache and gel ink portraits explored the development of “Ava” from a baby, through adolescence, into adulthood and then maturing on to the elderly years.

Alexander said, “The major concept I was trying to express was how children are trying to present themselves as adults, or display themselves at an older age. This can be seen by the amount of gouache paint on each piece.”

Each portrait uniquely expressed an aspect of the subject, with meaning-making being both the viewer’s prerogative and invitation to discover.

The official exhibition opening on Friday 26th February was a chance for local art lovers to view Alexander’s work and enjoy the Tasmanian made refreshments on offer.

The Poatina Tree art gallery enjoys including emerging artists in the exhibition schedule, to encourage and mentor those who are starting to put their work out there. Exhibition Co-ordinator Christie Lange can be contacted through the gallery by artists who are interested in either a solo exhibition, or entering a piece in one of the gallery’s group exhibitions.

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